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First of all, represent for all the Vietnamese people and our agency, I would like to send you the warmest greeting. Welcome you to be here to know more about our country. Before talking about the famous destinations of Vietnam, I’d rather to say something to help we know more about my plan in writing these articles. To be honest, you can search all the informations you need about your destination is gonna be a piece of cake. If I continue to give you those, oh so boring. Therefore, I decided to give you something difference, something in which you can be interested. All the article here were made in my style – the photo and our feelings, our experiences coming from our real sense. I hope that it can easily touch your heart, to help you know more, feel more about our Vietnam. And of course, I will make sure that you gonna find basic informations here. I will try to give you enough information to some extent.


We gonna start with the North. Northern Vietnam (Vietnamese: Miền Bắc) is one of the three geographical regions within Vietnam. Of the three geographical regions, the oldest is Northern Vietnam, where the Vietnamese culture originated over 2,000 years ago in the Red River Delta, though Vietnamese people eventually spread south into the Mekong Delta. It has 3 regions: Northeast, Northwest and Red River Delta. In those, I think the “hottest” is the Northwest. There are many significant point here.

Here are the destinations including in our program. I would like to introduce you them too!


Moving on to the next part – Central Vietnam – my beloved part. The Central Vietnam (Vietnamese: Miền Trung) also known as Middle Vietnam or The Middle, formerly known as Trung Phần by the Republic of Vietnam, Trung Kỳ and Annam under French Indochina, is one of the three geographical regions within Vietnam. Central Vietnam includes 3 administrative regions: North Central Coast, South Central Coast and Central Highlands.


This is the last part. The Southern Vietnam (Vietnamese: Miền Nam) is one of the three geographical regions within Vietnam. It’s famous for its history and the name “The Pearl of the Orient” of Saigon. Southern Vietnam includes 2 administrative regions: Southeast and Mekong River Delta or Southwest.


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