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I came to Nha Trang 3 years ago, with a first-time visitor to Nha Trang, its impression in me was a dynamic city full of life. Nha Trang is still the same in my mind: Still the beautiful beaches tenderly welcome the sweet kiss of immense sky, of the velvet sea; still the small road crowded with delicious street food; still the sparkling lights at night... I rushed to be in crowds to see the beauty of Nha Trang – the city which is known as “the most beautiful bay in the world” as voted by travel magazine Lonely Planet. Nha Trang bay in general and Nha Trang beach in particular is a gift that the mother of nature has given Khanh Hoa.

Nha Trang is a famous tourist destination of the country because of gentle and romantic beauty of blue sea and white sand beaches spread smoothly. From the far off, each layer of silver waves was slowly approaching the shore as the beam of white waves blossomed and was whistling endless. The wide plastic road, winding around the coast is so poetic. Especially, Tran Phu Street - the most beautiful and spacious road in the city, is always embracing the beach. Walking around the roads will feel Nha Trang’s beauty charming, romantic. All the casuarina-tree in the wind, blue coconut trees on the shore come as the timely shadow crosses in front of the villas, modern hotels full of splendor for guests to rest after hours playing on the waves.

Nothing is better than the feeling of sitting on the beach in Nha Trang at sunset to see and feel the beauty of the evenfall. In the afternoon sun when the sunset falls, Nha Trang beach as it is in the sleep the end of the day, the scene of meditation that romantic, noisy but quiet. In the sea, the waves rushed to the edge of the white foam. The sun was then red and pink and was casting a shadow down on the water’s surface, harmony in music of the waves. Nha Trang is so romantic that the couples are walking side by side, hand in hand to see the clouds mixed, silent, no need to say anything but it’s enough to understand each other. Afternoon in Nha Trang has touched my heart by these simple things. Immerse yourself in the sunset space in Nha Trang beach, I like to be more real, quiet, and no more noisy and busy life. Trang beach, I feel like I am small, immense sea like wide open arms to welcome me…

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