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Ninh Binh attracts tourists not only because of famous sites such as Trang An, Tam Coc Bich Dong, Van Long, or Phat Diem Stone Church ... but also because the land still retains its beauty – extremely wild of the countryside with the image is the bamboo village, the green field and rustic village.

Beside the beautiful images of sky and water, the pure nature with wild charms at Trang An ecological tourist area, Van Long wetland; ancient majesty in the temple of King Dinh, King Le; unique architecture at Phat Diem Cathedral; the biodiversity in Cuc Phuong National Park or the unique record at Bai Dinh Pagoda, visitors who go to Ninh Binh are delighted to be immersed in a peaceful natural environment that is very rustic of the land with its green mountains, vast rice paddies, white storks in the paddy fields...

Ninh Binh is located 90 km south of Hanoi and is considered as a "North Vietnam Miniature". This land is favorable to nature, gathering three types of terrains: hills and mountains, coastal plain, sunken areas. As a result, the province has abundant and diversified natural conditions, a good habitat for animals and plants, and there are many kinds of rare animals and plants listed in the Red Book of Vietnam. There are four large forests in Ninh Binh such as Cuc Phuong, Van Long, Hoa Lu and Kim Son forests, along with the precious biosphere reserves of the world.

In the Trang An Landscape Complex, there is Trang An Ecological Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and Tam Coc - Bich Dong Scenic Area, which is referred to as "Halong Bay on land." We visited Trang An on a beautiful morning when the weather is gradually cooled down, although the brightness of the sun is still glittering in the sun.

The short road leads to the place where the tickets are purchased. The small boats painted green are connected to each other at the wharf. And look at this deep clear blue water... They also have the same color with the mountains here. How beautiful it is!

The ferryman, she had to dig deep into the water, paddling without pausing between strokes. The boat parted the blue waters and brought us to visit the Trần Temple and the first caves. The Trần Temple is quiet and dignified at the foot of the mountain, next to the Địa Linh cave. Last night's rain fell in the cool air, making the way we go seem more spacious.

The boat began to go into the deep cave, leaving behind the sunlit scene. I felt like taking an adventure into the mysterious dark world. Can you imagine it? Wow! The sound of the oar washed away the cold sound, the beautiful twinkle stalactite under the light bulb hanging along the cave... It was touched! To be honest, I cannot find the exact word to describe it! Such a gift from the nature!

She – the ferryman introduced to the visitors the name and length of each cave. In the cave, there were so many narrow and dark places that we had to bow down that the boat could pass so slowly. Occasionally, the drops of water from small stalactites splashed into the skin. Sometimes, it was too cold that startled us.

In the painting that the dark interwoven in the cave, the underground water and the diverse shapes of stalactites make the imagination of people suddenly alive. Hang Địa Linh Cave, Light cave (Vietnamese: Hang Sáng), Dark Cave (in Vietnamese: Hang Tối), Ba Giọt Cave (Three Drops Cave) ... each of them brought visitors different impression but very special. There is an endless cavern of wind, taking everything in the cool air flowing. There is one that seems like a light furnace, keeping the warm air inside.

Passing through the creeping zigzag caves, my heart lightened when I saw the light from the cave entrance. Along the rhythmic screeching of the rowing, our small boat drifted out into the green lagoon, which glistened the clusters of sunlight on the smooth water surface like a mirror. Oh dear! There is a charming marine painting such as vivid paintings with green mountain, deep blue water, bright light flowers... We cannot keep our emotions surprised and poetic in the eye that would have uttered words. The sky - just like in the poetry of the great poet Nguyen Khuyen in the old days "Da trời ai nhuộm mà xanh ngắt?" - (Who dye the sky with the pure blue dye?), added the white clouds clusters floating in the lagoon.

The lake is like a small valley surrounded by mountains. By the shore, the goat twisted his sharp pair of horn, gentle gnawing grass. From the boat looking down, you will see a world of aquatic plants extremely vivid: the soft bending seaweed, the purple flowers outstanding in the clear water ... even there are also some "dó"- a thing that people put under the lake to catch the fish.

In the midst of pristine nature - all the noises of everyday life are left somewhere far away - and it seems that we can touch the sound of the bird and the oars splash well... I felt like harmony with the nature here! So wonderful!

Come to Trang An, we also learn about the sacred marks of history. Our boat stopped at two wharves to burn incense at Tran Temple and Phu Khong Temple. From the dock to the Tran Temple, we climbed stairs along the gentle slope on the mountainside. In the meditation music resounded calmly between the grass and water, the footstep suddenly became milder.

Situated in Trang An Landscape Complex, there is a spiritual tourist site in Bai Dinh Pagoda, a part of the heritage complex. This is a famous Buddhist architecture including ancient pagodas and the largest collection of Buddhist temples in South East Asia, converging many records of Vietnam. The temple was built on the ground of history, where more than a thousand years ago, King Dinh Bo Linh organized an insignificant sacrifice before the battle and after the victory. I think the best time to travel here is from January to March of the lunar calendar because it is spring, it is not too cold or too hot. This is the peak season visitors visit Ninh Binh, the boat tied the river, very crowded. You can also combine the spring travel and go to pray in the early days of a year…

There was a lots thing I haven’t done in here. I’m planning to travel here one more. It gonna be great if you can joint with me! Check-out here and maybe I can be your compagnon! Just let me know!